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The Philadelphia Contributionship has created this section to help keep our agents and our policyholders informed about company news and updates. We have also created and will continue to update this library of resources to help our policyholders get the most out of their homeowners insurance. Here you will find weather updates, home and personal safety tips, maintenance and cleaning guides, insurance terms and definitions sheets and other helpful information to keep you informed on all this related to your policy and your home.


Top Workplaces: 2022

April 26, 2022

We are very pleased to announce that once again, The Philadelphia Contributionship has been named as one of the Top Workplaces in the Philadelphia area! After the last few years of changes, rules and regulations, remote vs. in-person, we are thrilled that we are still able to provide an exceptional workplace for our incredible employees. The list of Top Workplaces is published through The Philadelphia Inquirer and is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage LLC.

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Spring Cleaning 2022

March 22, 2022

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, in the city or the suburbs, setting aside time for spring cleaning is a must. Not only is it important for the upkeep and maintenance of your home, but spring cleaning is the perfect time to renew your space and your spirit. The Philadelphia Contributionship has been writing policies and caring about homes since 1752 and a large part of caring for a home involves understanding its upkeep. We have put together a Check List that covers the basics of Exterior Spring Cleaning and Interior Spring Cleaning and why it is important to your home. Then you will be ready to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather of spring!

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Spotlight On Feature for March 2022 – Do I Need Flood Insurance?

March 11, 2022

In the first of this years "Spotlight On" Series, we address a topic we have addressed before and stress the importance of it - Flood Insurance. According to an article published by Reuters in February 2022, extreme weather combined with rising sea levels could cause $20,000,000,000 in damage to US homes this year, rising to $32,000,000,000 by 2051. This is according to research conducted by the New York-based non-profit flood research firm, First Street Foundation*.

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One Inc Widens Partner Network with Ogon Consulting Following Successful ClaimsPay® Build with The Philadelphia Contributionship

March 4, 2022

FOLSOM, Calif. – February 17, 2022 – One Inc, the leading digital payments network for the insurance industry, today announced its official partnership with Ogon Consulting, a leading IT consultancy to the insurance industry. The tie-up follows a successful joint implementation of ClaimsPay with The Philadelphia Contributionship (TPC), a Pennsylvania-based property and casualty insurer that can now distribute claims payments faster with improved customer experience and lower costs.

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The Philadelphia Contributionship + Flyreel

December 13, 2021

The Philadelphia Contributionship is proud to announce we have partnered with Flyreel to provide customers with an easy, quick, convenient and secure way to provide important information about their property without scheduling an in-person inspection. Using Flyreel’s AI-powered app on the homeowners’ personal smart device, customers can complete their own self-guided inspection, ensuring they have the proper coverage and are well protected in case of an unexpected loss.

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The Philadelphia Contributionship Enlists One Inc for Seamless Digital Payments

November 18, 2021

Founded by Benjamin Franklin, the oldest property and casualty insurance company in the United States embraces innovation for expedited insurance payments.

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Spotlight On: Renters Insurance

October 23, 2021

You may be asking - What Does a Renters Insurance Policy Cover? If you aren't a homeowner, you may wonder if you really need insurance. Many people assume that their landlord's insurance policy covers their belongings, even though it only covers the building. You'll actually replace your belongings yourself in case of fire, damage, or theft. Discover how helpful a renters insurance policy can be.

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10 Quick Fixes For A Drafty House

October 16, 2021

The last week we have all started to feel the fall chill in the air! It may not be time to turn on the heat but there is definitely a slight chill outside – and you definitely do not want that chill finding its way you’re your home. Here are 10 quick (and inexpensive!) ways to seal drafts and keep the cold fall air out of your home all fall and winter long.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fire Extinguishers: 5 Questions and Answers

October 1, 2021

How many people have ever thought about using their fire extinguisher before a fire actually occurs? Not many we would assume. It is important to practice this in case of an emergency! Don’t wait until the fire has sprung up to wonder about fire extinguishers. Here’s what smart homeowners (and renters) need to know.

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1st Day of Fall: 8 Simple Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

September 22, 2021

Happy 1st Day of Fall! While you may be ready for pumpkin picking, warm lattes, and flannels, do you know if your house is as ready as you? If you don’t know the answer, then follow our 10 tips to help transition your home for the wetter autumn weather —and try to save some money too!

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