Fall is Here: How to Adjust to this Chilly Season

October 5, 2022

There is not debating that Fall is a great time of the year – the changing leaves, football is back , apple picking and pumpkin spice-everything. But for your home, Fall can actually be one of the busiest seasons. It is really important for homeowners to take advantage of the more moderate weather to reset their home after Summer and repair any damages before the first frost of winter sets in. Use our easy tips to prepare your home for Fall inside and out!

Getting the Outside of your Home Ready for Fall:

  1. Clean your gutters. Remove leaves, nests, and debris from gutters as a clogged gutter can cause a leaky roof or water damage to the interior or exterior of your home.
  2. Do a roof check. Look for missing, damaged, or loose shingles. Or, if your roof is flat, you may need to remove leaves and debris.
  3. Check your chimney and fireplace. If you have a wood fireplace and use it often, have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional.
  4. Check water drainage. Rainwater downspouts need to be clear of obstructions and direct water away from foundations, walkways, and driveways. If there is water build-up in a certain area, you may need to add extensions to reroute the water.
  5. Inspect trees. Check for damaged limbs that may break or that are too close to power lines or the roof.

Getting the Inside of Your Home Ready for Fall:

  1. Check for drafts. Feel around the edges of windows and doors for any drafts. If you do feel a draft, replace seals and repair caulking around window and door frames.
  2. Test home safety devices. Smoke and carbon monoxide detection is extra important during the colder months when the house is sealed and heaters are on all day. Replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices and test to make sure they are working properly.
  3. Replace the Furnace Filter: A big problem with a forced-air heating and cooling system is that most people forget to replace the filter! Locate your furnace filter and replace the filter.
  4. Keep the Humidifier Humming: Inspect the plates or pads, and if necessary, clean them in a strong laundry detergent solution. Rinse and scrape off mineral deposits with a wire brush or steel wool.

Space Heater Safety:

The fall air has arrived and as the air gets cooler space heaters come back out. Space heaters cause one-third of home heating fires and 4 out of 5 home heating fire deaths. Protect your family: if you’re heating your home with a space heater this winter, take a few moments to review these safety tips from the U.S. Fire Administration.