Flyreel FAQs

November 15, 2022

The Philadelphia Contributionship has been working with Flyreel since 2021 to provide our customers with an easy, quick, convenient and secure way to provide important information about their property without scheduling an in-person inspection. Using Flyreel’s AI-powered app on your personal smart device, complete your own self-guided inspection, you have the proper coverage and are well protected in case of an unexpected loss. 

Flyreel’s app is supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence). The AI experience makes it a friendly, intuitive app that sees, adapts, and guides you through an inspection of their home and property using their smart device (phone or tablet). As you take photos and videos of your property, the app uses artificial intelligence to scan for important features and provide real-time feedback to the user to maximize the experience. 

How it Works: 
You will receive an email that will provide detailed information and direction to download and access the Flyreel Property Assistant App on your smart device. At your convenience, log in and start the inspection. The app will guide you through the inside and outside of your home, asking questions along the way and requesting photos or videos to be uploaded to document property features. Once completed, the app securely sends the final report to The Philadelphia Contributionship. The Underwriting team will review the report and contact your agent if there are any additional questions or follow-up regarding the inspection. 

Common Questions: 

Who should do the inspection?

You or someone you trust to do it on your behalf. 

Why use the Property Assistant app? 

The app provides an easy, quick, convenient and secure way for you to provide important information about your property, without scheduling an in-person inspection, to ensure you have the proper coverage and are well protected in case of an unexpected loss. 

How long does it take? 

Total inspection time can vary a bit based on the size of your property. It usually takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If you’re unable to complete the inspection in one session, you can easily pause and resume at a later time. 

When should I do the inspection? 

It’s best to complete your property inspection during the daytime when there is plenty of light. Please also avoid performing the inspection during inclement weather, like rain, which could present a hazard to yourself and make it difficult to get a clear view of your property. 

What if I lose my Wi-Fi or cellular connection during the inspection? 

The app requires Wi-Fi or cellular data to connect and record the details of your property inspection. If you do lose your connection, that’s ok. You can always come back when you have a better connection and the app will pick up where you left off. 

What happens when I’m done? 

When you’re done, the app securely sends your inspection to us. We’ll look at it and contact you if we have any additional questions. It usually takes about 30 days for us to review your inspection. 

Will my data be kept securely? 

Yes, we are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of all data that is collected during this process. All data that is collected using The Property Assistant app is encrypted in transit and stored on secure servers located in the United States. Only authorized users have access to the data. 

I still want to complete the inspection myself but I missed the due date? 

If your due date has only just passed in the past day or so, you may be able to request a brief extension through the app. To reach Flyreel support, please download the app at the link below and click on the “Have questions?” link at the bottom of the login page.  Please reference your reminder email for additional details. 

What if I prefer to not perform the inspection myself? 

A visual inspection of your property is required, but if you prefer not to complete the inspection yourself using the Flyreel app, please reply to this message with “Please send an inspector” and the Philadelphia Contributionship will schedule an in-person inspection with one of our independent inspection partners. 

For policy-related questions, please feel free to contact your independent insurance agent.