4 Things to Do After a Windstorm

March 9, 2018

As March begins, it’s easy to think spring is just around the corner — that is, until it snows again. You never know when you could be hit with a last minute snow storm. This past week, the northeast was hit with a rough round of snow, rain, and strong gusting winds — with more on the horizon! What do you do after a wind and snow storm if you think your house was damaged? To help prepare you and your home for the next storm that hits here are four tips for handling the aftermath of a windstorm.

after a windstorm

1. Take Photos

If you are concerned that there is damage to your home, be sure to take pictures before moving anything away from your property. Hold onto the pictures until you contact your insurance company.

2. Clear Away Fallen Debris

The best thing to do after a storm has cleared is to clear away anything that may have fallen during the storm. Tree branches and leaves that are small enough to be handled safely should be carried to the trash or moved out of the way. Remove trash or other items that may have blown onto your property during the storm as well. If entire trees have fallen, or large branches are covering your property, you will need to contact professional tree removal or lawn care services.

3. Check Your Roof

Though you should not climb onto your roof, you can check for damage around your home in the form of shingles and debris on the ground. Loose or detached shingles will not re-seal. It is important to have a qualified roofer inspect your home if you suspect that there is damage.

4. In the Event of Damage After a Windstorm

If you experience damage to your property and need emergency repairs, please do whatever is necessary to protect your home. However, be sure to keep all records, including detailed photos and receipts so that our claims staff will have enough information to proceed with handling your claim.