The Philadelphia Contributionship + Flyreel

December 13, 2021

The Philadelphia Contributionship is proud to announce we have partnered with Flyreel to provide customers with an easy, quick, convenient and secure way to provide important information about their property without scheduling an in-person inspection. Using Flyreel’s AI-powered app on the homeowners’ personal smart device, customers can complete their own self-guided inspection, ensuring they have the proper coverage and are well protected in case of an unexpected loss.

Flyreel’s app is supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence). The AI experience makes it a friendly, intuitive app that sees, adapts, and guides policyholders through an inspection of their home and property using their smart device (phone or tablet). As customers take photos and videos of their property, the app uses artificial intelligence to scan for important features and provide real-time feedback to the user to maximize the experience.

Who is Eligible:

Owner occupied dwellings in which an insured’s email address has been captured. There are certain other requirements that may not make a client eligible for the self-inspection tool. For those customers an inspection will be ordered by the company.

How it Works:

Your client will receive an email that will provide detailed information and direction to download and access the Flyreel Property Assistant App on their smartphone. At their convenience the app will guide the customer through their home (in/outside) asking questions along the way and requesting photos or videos to be uploaded to document their property features. Once completed, the app securely sends the final report to The Philadelphia Contributionship. The Underwriting team will review the report and contact the agent if there are any additional questions regarding the inspection.

Customer Comments:

“Very straightforward and easy to follow.” – Charlie T.

“Simple. East. Fast” – Nicholas S.

“I like the way it guided me through the whole process.” – Rajendra S.

“I gives me opportunity to explore most aspects of my house.” – Reniel B.

Learn more about Flyreel and how they are changing the insurance industry, check them out here: