8 Ways to Show Your Home Some Love for Valentine's Day

February 16, 2021

Valentine’s Day is come and passed and while we are sure you and your family felt all the love from the holiday, we are curious if your home felt some of that love? You invest in yourself, your partner and family, so why not invest in something just as long-lasting – your home! This Valentine’s Day, show your home some love that will help boost its value and make it a better place to live. Here are a few ways you can do that.

1: Clean It Up: Don’t wait until the spring cleaning season – we all have more time inside than before so use that time to give your home a good clean! Break out the rubber gloves and show your home some love by cleaning those rooms or spots that are typically looked over like your washing machine, microwave and other appliances.

2: Organize a Problem Area: Know that closet you keep overlooking, yet the pile of clutter keeps growing? Maybe that includes the snow boots and winter hats in the entryway, or that junk drawer that is starting to take over your counter – take some extra time this weekend to show your home that you care and give it a little pick me up.

3: Time for a DIY Project: I am sure we have all seen the easy home DIYs on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Now it is your turn to give them a try! If something is broken or could use a little upgrade in your home, take time to fix it. Leaky shower head in your bathroom? Replace it and cut the dripping with this guide. That wallpaper starting to look dated? Maybe it’s time to remove it and bring your home into the 21st century and give it a fresh coat of paint instead.

4: Upgrades: Are you noticing that your appliances seem to be on their last leg? Use this time where most of us are working from home and consider upgrading your home appliances. Not only will they make your home a more comfortable place to live but will yield a higher return on investment (ROI) should you decide to sell. Another bonus? New appliances will work more efficiently and might even save you money in energy costs.

5: Redecorate a Room: We are all stuck inside nowadays, so why not give your home dining room turned home office an upgrade? Or make your bathroom feel more like a spa? Try things like replacing old cabinet handles, add new storage to your bathroom, upgrade your light fixtures & light bulbs, etc. If you’re looking to show your home some love, consider redecorating a room to give it new life.

6: Take Care of the Essentials: They always say, “It’s what on the inside that counts” so show the basic indoor essentials some love! Do things like check the smoke detector batteries, change your air filters, clean faucet aerators and showerheads to remove mineral deposits, clean kitchen exhaust fan filter. etc.

7: Add Smart Technology: Smart home technology, has exploded in the last few years and you would be surprised how easy – and how many options are available – to add automation to your home. You can change out your lightbulbs for smart lightbulbs that less energy and can be controlled through your phone. Install a smart thermometers to be able to manage your perfect temperature from anywhere using your smart phone, all while saving money on your heating and cooling costs. At the end of the day, Smart technology allows you to be in control of your home all from a smart device while helping make your home more energy efficient, saving you money and eliminating your carbon footprint.

8: Make Sure It’s Protected: Reviewing your home insurance policy might not be the most exciting or creative way to show your home some love, but it is definitely the most important. Make sure you know your coverage and what is or isn’t included. Make sure your home is protected from all dangers by talking to your agent or provider.