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Customer Service

Putting people first is at the center of the TPC service team’s approach to providing agents and clients the solutions they need to achieve their goals. TPC service team members handle service requests from both agents and clients.

Some service requests are easily handled by a member of the TPC service team and others must be completed by our clients’ TPC agent. Look for your question below and decide who is best to provide you with the service you need.

  • I want to make a change to my insurance coverage
  • I don’t know why my insurance premium recently changed
  • I want to cancel my policy
  • I need a new insurance policy for a new home or investment property
  • I want to make sure I’m receiving all policy discounts I qualify for
  • I want to purchase a personal umbrella policy
  • I need flood insurance and don’t understand my options
  • I want to save money on my insurance policy
  • I don’t understand what is covered on my policy
  • I had a loss, but I’m not sure if I could be covered and if I should file a claim
  • I lost my policy and need another copy
  • I want to set up a new payment plan using my credit card or direct debit from my bank account
  • I want to pay my bill
  • I want to see if my payment has been posted to my account
  • I want to learn how to create a “My Key” account where I can obtain policy details whenever I wish
  • I don’t know who my agent is
  • I would like to be referred to a TPC agent in my area

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, money orders, certified checks and personal checks.

You can pay your bill by;

Registering for our MyKey Portal at, choose View Details, then Make Payment and enter your payment method on our secure website.

Mailing a check or money order to The Philadelphia Contributionship, P.O. Box 100, Philadelphia, PA 19105-0100; or

Call in your payment to your Agent or a TPC Customer Service Representative.

Overnight payments can be sent to The Philadelphia Contributionship, 210 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Please make sure to reference your policy number clearly on all payments and correspondence.

Yes, we offer both the option of a one-time payment or recurring payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House) and credit card options that can be set up by your agent at no additional cost. All payment options are available for electronic payments.

Full Pay Option
The Full Pay option requires 100% payment due at renewal or inception. No installment charge will apply.

2 Pay Option
The two payment option requires a first installment payment of 60% due on renewal or inception with the remaining 40% due on the 180th policy day. $5.00 Installment charge will apply per installment.

4 Pay Option
The four pay option requires a first installment payment of 40% due on renewal or inception with the remaining 60% split evenly (20% each additional installment) over three additional installments due on the 90th, 180th and the 252nd policy days. $5.00 Installment charge will apply per installment.

10 Pay Option
The ten pay option requires a first installment payment of 14.5% due on renewal or inception with the remaining premium being equally divided by 9 installments due every 30 days. $5.00 Installment charge will apply per installment.

12 Pay Automated Payment Option
The twelve pay option requires a first installment payment of 14.75% due on renewal or inception with the remaining premium being equally divided by 11 installments due every 30 days.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Philadelphia Contributionship made a very stressful and difficult situation a lot easier and more manageable with their fast response. We were able to limit the damage and move quickly to repairing the problem. They were prompt and efficient. I would certainly recommend.

Shannon B.

Bensalem, PA

The Philadelphia Contributionship is an excellent company. They are extremely responsive, offer top-notch coverage at a fantastic price. Would recommend you compare your current rate with the A.S. or S.F. and what P.C. offers. I am very certain you will be pleasantly surprised.

Keith B.

York, PA

Customer Service is exceptional. They always handle my calls and questions with respect and kindness! Always a pleasure to work with them.

Laurie S.

Pittsburgh, PA