4 Steps to Protect You & Your Home from Hurricanes

September 15, 2018

1) Be prepared—even if you’re not in the Hurricane’s exact path.

Assess your insurance coverage to see if you are covered for wind and flood-caused damage. Reach out to your insurance agent if needed.


2) Prep the outside of your home.

Cover up all windows and make sure all outside loose or lightweight objects are brought inside (ex: patio furniture, garbage cans) and any objects that would be unsafe to bring inside (ex: propane tanks) are secured and anchored as these types of items could become projectiles in high winds.


3) Make sure you have an emergency kit – and make it waterproof.

Your emergency kit should include important documents like birth certificates, vehicle registrations and insurance documents along with food and water sufficient for at least three days, medications, first aid supplies, a flashlight, batteries, cash, and phone chargers. And make sure it is waterproof and tightly sealed.


4) Keep yourself informed and updated.

Check the news in your area every 30 minutes in order to keep yourself up to date on the current weather situation for your area and any emergency updates.