Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Many insurance buyers don’t realize that floods aren’t typically covered by their homeowners policy. To be properly protected in the event of a flood, owners need to plan ahead via a separate flood insurance policy.

TPC offers two options when it comes to the coverage provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy form. Both options offer the same exact coverage, but they do it in two different ways.

  1. TPC writes flood coverage under our brand that is backed 100% by FEMA and the NFIP.
  2. TPC now provides access to privately underwritten flood insurance through our relationship with Aon Edge, the nation’s leader in privately underwritten flood coverage.

All of the private flood policies in this program are backed by an A-rated syndicate and coverage features match exactly with the NFIP policy. The two big differences include both pricing and eligibility.

The coverage and policy form from our private flood program is identical to the NFIP policy form.

If your home is eligible for private flood insurance through our program with Aon Edge, the annual premium can be as little as 50% of that which is available through our standard NFIP flood program.

Many of our TPC agents can assist in quoting private flood coverage and determining your eligibility.