Programs We Offer

Programs & Discounts Available

Franklin Select
This new preferred pricing program ensures that our most qualified clients receive our lowest premiums.

Franklin Select qualification is determined by your prior claims history and insurance score tied to your credit history. During the quoting process, you will be immediately enrolled in Franklin Select if you meet the requirements. Current TPC clients will automatically be renewed as Franklin Select if they meet the requirements for the program upon renewal. Franklin Select is not available in all states.

Landlord Loyalty Credit
When TPC clients move to a new home and purchase a new policy from TPC, while retaining their old home and converting their homeowners policy to a dwelling fire policy, the dwelling fire policy receives a landlord loyalty credit for keeping coverage on that home with TPC.

Homeowner Companion Discount
TPC Clients who insure their investment properties with us qualify for our multi-policy discount of 5% on their Dwelling Fire policy(ies) for as long as they continue to insure both their primary home and their investment properties with TPC.

Homebuyer Loyalty Credit
If you’re a current TPC client who decides to move, we encourage you to talk to your TPC agent about insuring your new home with us.

Clients who continue to insure with us upon a move to a new qualified home are eligible for a 5% premium discount at inception of a new policy. This discount declines in subsequent years, but it continues to provide savings for up to five years.

Down to the Studs Program
The Down to the Studs Program offers a significant premium discount for homes that have been recently totally renovated including plumbing, electrical and heating system replacement.

This program is perfect for homeowners who invest in an older home, but want all of the modern conveniences of a new home. It has become especially popular in gentrifying urban neighborhoods, yet this program is available to any qualified home that has undergone a total gut/renovation project. Interior inspections are required to certify the construction is completed and meets the definition for qualification as a newly renovated home.

Companion Auto Policy Discount
TPC focuses on protecting homes, but we know that many clients may value the discounts they receive when they “package” their home and auto together with one company through one agent.

Clients who place their auto insurance with one of our TPC agents will receive a 10% discount off their TPC homeowners premium just by having the agent insure their vehicles with another insurance company. TPC clients will get their “agent package discount” if they insure their home with us and their autos with another company through the same TPC agent.

* Not all discounts are available in all states. The amount of each discount may also vary depending on state insurance regulations. We encourage all clients to talk to an TPC agent for details on how TPC can insure your properties and maximize both coverage and available qualified discounts.